Lesbian is the most often used English word when describing females who have sexual or romantic desire for a member of their own sex. This word is normally used when referring to a lady who is regarded as having a strong tendency towards female homosexuality, or as a description of something that relates  to female same-sex desire. The word gay can also be used nowadays to describe a woman as well as a man. A strap on dildo is regarded as a lesbian (adjective) object. A woman performing oral sex on another woman would be described as a lesbian (noun). There are many adult DVD movies available, that depict explicit lesbian acts, and these are regarded as among the most p genres in the world of pornography. Lesbian adult DVDs are enjoyed by both gay females, gay female couples, straight couples and most definitely straight men. A lot of women watch these movies because they are bi-curious. This is a term used to describe a female, who, whilst knowing that she enjoys heterosexual sex with a man, is also curious about the chance that she might also enjoy the advances of a woman. A lady who indulges in sex with members of both sexes is described as bi-sexual. To peruse or buy from a selection of lesbian themed adult DVDs, please CLICK HERE.


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